About Us

About Us

Queer Asian Pride Ireland -QAPI will be a dedicated support group for LGBTQ+ people of Asian heritage living in Ireland and their allies, with the primary goal of creating an empowering and non-judgmental platform for them.

LGBTQIA+ migrants from Asian countries to Ireland have constantly risen in recent years. They come to Ireland for various reasons like seeking international protection, higher education, critical skill work or as spouses. They come to Ireland for many reasons, but recently, one can see them mainly as postgraduate university students and the critical skill workforce in the Irish job market. Also, there is a significant presence of second-generation migrant Asian LGBTQIA+ folks growing up in Ireland.

Asian society is a demographically diverse mixed bag of culture, gender, religion, class, caste, language, physical appearance, sexual orientation and other identities. In many Asian countries and cultures, being LGBTQIA+ is still a crime. Sexual and gender expression often get stigmatised, forcing people to live a closeted life. The culture, heritage, and traditions housed within Asia make the experiences of LGBTQIA+ folks that much more complex.

Unfortunately, there is a lack of awareness about racism, xenophobia, cultural stereotypes, fetishism, colourism and isolation. Since the marriage referendum, Ireland has developed an image of a safe space for LGBTQ+ migrants, but the on-the-ground reality can be quite different. Queer Asian Pride Ireland aspires to create the opportunity for cultural belonging and social integration.

Queer Asian Pride Ireland is an open group intended to help people proudly affirm both their Asian identity as well as their sexual orientation. We will actively work against all forms of oppression in society. Through publications, conferences, cultural events, film festivals, Pride celebrations, networking opportunities and collaborative programming, QAPI will work to empower the LGBTQ+ Asian community in Ireland and their allies across the globe.

We are creating an online shareable resource document with nationwide information about mental health help, sexual well-being resources, local LGBTQIA+ help groups, social groups (running, hiking, yoga and gaming), local queer book clubs, university outreach resources and immigration system FAQs. This resource will help the LGBTQIA+ Asian immigrant community to feel connected. Facilitating monthly online and offline meet-ups is also our priority.

We are open to new members and welcome creative collaborations to develop community engagement programs. QAPI also looks forward to collaborating with other nationwide LGBTQIA+ groups to create an inclusive and safe place for Queer Asian immigrants living in Ireland. Soon we will have our first open community meet-up, followed by nationwide survey projects like Queer Immigrant’s Pride at Work and Queer Immigrant’s Pride at University. Trikone and Club Kali are the inspirations behind QAPI.

We don’t want our peers to feel alone and helpless. So please join us, spread the word and watch our Instagram @Queerasianpride.ie for more announcements.