Meet the Team


Pradeep Mahadeshwar


Pradeep is a co-founder of QAPI. He is originally from India and has been living
in Ireland since 2012. Pradeep is a writer, illustrator, visual artist, and filmmaker. Addressing the mental health and sexual well-being of QPOC living in Ireland is the centre of his activism and artistic expression.


Lee Isac


Lee is a writer, academic, and amateur theatre practitioner. He’s currently pursuing his Ph.D. in South Asian-American YA fiction at DCU. Lee is interested in portrayals of South Asian-Irish queer youth in literature, film & TV and deeply desires more positive trans-masc representation in mainstream media.

William Reynolds


William is a final-year medicine student at Trinity College Dublin. He is particularly interested in decolonising healthcare and creating a more inclusive and accessible healthcare system. William likes to get involved in the Dublin community. He is a part of  he WEFT Audience Club for BIPOC at the Dublin Fringe Festival.


Valentine Zhang


Valentine is a French artist based in Kilkenny. She works in animation, makes comics, and is an aspiring music performer. She advocates for more authentic representation on
screen, self-narrated queer decolonial stories. Her favourite subjects are love, nostalgia for food, and corny queer music.

Moses Eusebio


Moses is a 23-year-old Musician from Swords, Co. Dublin. They are an artist passionate about music for education. Moses has conducted two non-profit choirs in Swords. They
advocate for second-generation immigrants and the LGBTQIA+ community. Through their creative practice and community engagement,


William Reynolds


Anjana is a professional chef and avid traveller. Growing up in Bangalore, India,
community and food has always been central to her life. She thinks food transcends boundaries as a unifying force that bridges cultures and connects hearts. At the same time, her passions extend to foraging Mohiniattam (a classical South Indian dance form) and, lately, roller skating.


Kartik Sharma


Kartik is from Delhi, India, has been living in Dublin for nearly five years, and is thriving as a Data Analyst at EY Ireland. Kartik also steps up as a co-chair of the Unity Network, EY’s LGBTQIA+ network. Kartik loves music, books, and exploring new places and is a big fan of concerts. Aside from all that, he’s also into writing. Being part of the Queer Asian Pride Ireland, Kartik eagerly anticipates engaging in enlightening discussions that delve into the multifaceted nature of identity as a queer individual and an immigrant.